07 Secret Tips to Make Video Post Successful

Top 07 Methods to Make Video Post Successful

Videos are very necessary to become successful in blogging. Videos and images attracts more eyes than on text. But you must be very specific while create video s. When newbies start creating videos, they create long video. My personal opinions are you should not create videos more than 5 mins of length.

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What not do while creating videos?
Things to keep in mind while creating video posts.

1. Write less text .

When you are focusing in video posting, then you should not write any text. You must write two to three lines just to explain what the video is about.

When you think of posting video post, you don’t give up the habit of long post and thus many people write entire paragraph or two to explain the title


and video. This is again you are forcing to make reader read the texts. You must force reader to just watch video by just opening the post and sit relax.

After the window of video, just ask viewer to share the video and insist for commenting. Insisting means just by words, not a pop up in between.

2. Use word “Video” in title. 
When you are making video , then put the title which help to understand that you are
showing video in this post. Use work “VIDEO” in blog post title.

For example if you are explaining about – ‘How to do link building’, then make title as “Video – How to do link building” or Watch about how to do link building (Video). The title says a lot, the title must be catchy and clearly say that you are showing them tutorial video and explain each and every thing in detail in video.

3. Keep Video length less.
Always keep video length less than 5 mins. And believe me, 5 mis are very much to express any thing on your blog. What if you want to post long length video and it is a necessity. Then the answer is simple. Just create sequence of blog post, divide video into series and create different posts and part of series and use interlinking.

4. Use share buttons on video. 
Video and images are the things which people love to share on social platforms than text. So reader of blog must have freedom to share your video. The video and images posts are the ones who goes viral. You make seen many posts which went viral. Have you noticed the things that, most of that are videos or post having more images which are expressing the details.

5. Keep size in mind .
I know your going to post video in youtube or dailymotion and then putting link in your blog. But still you should respect the video sites and keep the size of your video file as less as possible.

6. Don’t show much.
Don’t show unnecessary things in video. Use only necessary part. If you are showing some ppt kind and screen capture video, then it is completely okay. But if you are showing yourself explaining things. Then keep background in mind. Just don’t sit anywhere and shoot video. Make your background good, make your attire professional and then post.

7. Now don’t only post video and video.
If you get more views then it doesn’t mean that now you should only post video post continuously. Don’t continuously post videos. Be regular in video post after some images and text posts.