How to Get Genuine Likes on Facebook Page

As we all know, Facebook is the most popular social network in the world, and for this very reason this has become like a marketplace for publishers, where you can target your audience. So here in this post we are going to discuss some genuine methods by which you can get Genuine Likes on Facebook Page.

With over 1 billion users on Facebook, you can always make your content(Brand) viral but this can only happen when your Facebook Fan Page have a good user base or in other word a good amount of likes.

Genuine Likes on Facebook Page

Best Methods to Get Genuine Likes on Facebook Page

Create Brand Presence

Creating a good brand presence is just not only important to get Facebook Likes but it is also important to make the people aware about your brand. I thins branding is the first step of any type of business. So, try to make a unique brand presence through which people must know the USP’s of yours and the products or services which you offer.


Target The Right Audience

What will happen if you will try to sell an air conditioner in village, the chances of you conversion will be in negative. Think what when you share your Tech Blog Link in a Sports Group of Facebook page. It is not necessary that people who loves the sports will also loves Tech. So, for this what reason you need to filter out the perfect and targeted audience for your product and service.

Target Your Audience

Sharing is the King

After targeting your perfect audience you need to share your content to those peoples, and the best free method to do so is sharing the post to the related Facebook Group. While sharing these posts always keep one thing in mind that you must share the post related to that group only. And if you are targeting peoples of two different interest then share those post separably in prospective groups.Share Contents on Facebook

Engage Your Audience

Engaging you audience is an Art which only some of the facebook pages have and they are at a good position, you must share catchy or attractive thing on your page to get more engagement. As a result of observation it was concluded that videos gets more engagement than other media like simple post or images. So try to post a video daily on your facebook page so that you can easily connect with your audience and get Genuine Likes on Facebook Page.

Facebook Engagement

Go For the Paid Promotions

There are many ways to promote your Facebook Page through paid promotions, but what i think is paid collaborations is much better than official Facebook Ads. Let me clear you about the paid collaboration, it is something what when you exchange or promote your contents through the leaders in your industry. Sometimes when two same level publishers collaborates they just do the exchange of contents.

I always search for the top 10 most liked Facebook page of the industry which i am going to deal, then i contact them all and go for a deal of share my small or new page on their big page. This method helped me a lot to connect with my proper audience. However facebook ads are also good, but you must be knowing the best way to setup a Facebook Ad so that you can grab more benefits out of less expense.


I hope You have enjoyed the post and will see the increasing graph of your Facebook page and if you are not able to connect these points with your own situation then you can go through the Facebook Likes Tips  post by Shout Me Loud. Mr. Pratik Patel has shared their own prospective of getting likes on fan page organically.