How Search Engine Works Step By Step

How Search Engine Works Step By Step

If you are running a blog from long time and your posts are not ranking high in google search then this post might be very helpful for you. It is very important to understand algorithms of different search engines and you must be aware about How Search Engine Works Step By Step.

You must be knowing that google is the most popular and trusted search engine over the internet so here I am taking the example of google search because most the search engines uses the same working algorithms.

How Search Engine Works Step By Step

Whatever you input in google search box it is considered as a search query, whenever you type a query in hits the enter button google machines performs some predefined actions and put the results in front of you according to their algorithm.

Steps Followed by a Search Engine to Display Results

Every Search engines uses their own software programs to display results, but the way they work is pretty similar. Every search engine perfomes thesse tasks to increase their database and show the proper and relevent results to any search query.

  • Crawling
  • Indexing
  • Ranking
  • Results

How Google Search Engine Works Infographic


Before defining the term Crawling let me introudce a ney term i.e “bots” or “spider”. These spiders are some type of software which moves continuously from one website to other throught the links.

Search engines “crawl” the whole Internet to discover content, like web pages, images and videos. with the help of their own computer programs called “bots” (short for robot), “crawlers” or “spiders”.

Google Spiders or Bots

Search engine bots visit from page to page by following links to other pages and this is a never ending process. These bots are always looking for new web pages to crawl.


As you have seen bots or spiders collects a list of websites or page which are new them. After collecting a huge list a very big challange came into the attact i.e Categorisation of all website according to the topics. This process of categorisation is called indexing.

After making different category of website it becomes easier for search engine to show the results from the stored data.

Google Search Process

Whenever google founds some duplicacy in their index that means the same content is available on two website then google removes on of them from the index.

So if you are blog/website owner and you want to be indexed by the google or any other search engine, be sure that the contents available on your page is original and has not been copied from any other pre-exisitng blog or website.


Now the search engine have a list of websites or webpages for different different queries, but here one more bigger issue comes in the action. Now search engine has to decide which website is more relevant to the search query.

Most of the search engines uses their secret algorithms to rank the webpages, google alos have the same. They check more than 200 signals to decide the rank of a webpage which includes how is the title, meta description has been written. How many other webpages are linking to that page and how fast a webstie loads.

Image result for google ranking

Google always try to show the best result to their user or for every search query, and this is the sole purpose and mission of google to show the best possible result to thier users.

You can learn more about this topic from Google itself, just follow the link:


Most of the Search engines examine all the pages on the World Wide Web which are allowed to crawl, categorise them and put them into a logical order according to their parameters and put a list of results in front of you when you search for something.

I hope you have got a little idea about How Search Engines Works, If you have any questions rerlated to this article or related to blogging, Just ask in the coment section below I will try my best to answer them all.