How to Become a Blogger and Get Paid – Top Secrets of Blogging

Are you really serious to know the answer of this question “How to Become a Blogger” ? If yes then this post might help you in getting the correct answer.

What is Blogging and Blogger : How to Become a Blogger

As per my definition Blogging is something when you write about any event, situation or topic on a regular basic through a platform where other person can read your creations. This whole process done is stated as blogger and person who had performed this all the task is regarded as Blogger.

Blogging is not that simple as everyone thinks it to be and it’s even not that difficult like it’s said to be

Sometimes you may confuse in the term Blogger, and it is also right to be because in the upper part i have said that the person who do blogging is specified as blogger but google has a product with the same keyword i.e Blogger.  Now let me introduce you about google product, Blogger is a free platform where you can publish your contents and creative ideas with this world in the form of articles.

How to Become a Blogger

Basic Requirements to Start you first Blog

Start Your Blog in 6 easy Steps >>

  • Increase you Blogging Knowledge and Interest
  • Choose a Blogging platform
  • Get your preferred domain name and Hosting
  • Design and Customise your blog
  • Write contents and Generate Revenue

Now let me tell you about all these requirements (basically ….) one by one in short.

Increase Blogging Knowledge

Before starting building your blog or a niche website you must be good at the topic, sometimes it is very difficult to build a blog which is out of your interest. So first of all you need to increase the knowledge and interest about the topic on which you are going to blog.

Choosing a Blogging Platform

As per my knowledge and experience I can bet you that there a more than thousands of Blogging platform where you can simple publish you content edition in a go. According to the below data only WordPress has a market cover of around 50% i.e 50% of the top blogs are using WordPress as blogging platform.

If you are still confused in choosing the perfect blogging platform for you then you can read my suggested article. This will clear out everything related to choosing a best platform.

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Purchasing Domain Name & Hosting

Before purchasing a domain name always keep two things in mind, first think about the long term and second make it as short as it is possible.

Customisation of Blog ( Using a Theme)

You should always keep in mind that every types of visitors who visit your website gets a good user experience, your blog should me mobile friendly and much important should have a attractive interface.

Content Writing and Monetization of Blog

Creating good and original content is always the master key to succeed in blogging. I am sure that you have already listen about the thing i.e “Content is King”. 

If I talk about the monetisation then it totally depends on the topic which you are going to target, but the most common and best method to generate revenue from blog is by using Google Adsense and


Now i can claim from my side that you have got the answer of your question “How to Become a Blogger”.

If you feel any problem through setting up your first blog or you get stuck or have any questions for me about how to create a blog, just get in touch with me or leave a comment below. I’ll help you out with any problems.

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