How to Choose Perfect Web Hosting Provider

If you are thinking to start you own blog or website then the very first doubt or problem comes to your mind is which hosting to buy. Here I have shared a lot of information and tips to Choose Perfect Web Hosting provider and plan. Along with this I have also shared my experience with some of the leading Web Hosting Providers.


Define Your Need

In the process of chosing a web hosting plan the first thing comes in way is the need. What type of site you are going to start, how much traffic do you expect and many other things.

Before moving further let me introduce you with the different types of hosting. In general you should consider web hosting as of three types

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Server Hosting

Got Confused ?????

These all types of hosting act as a storage place for your website, where the main difference is of the amount of storage capacity, control, technical specs, server speed and reliability.

Shared Hosting:


As the name suggesting, shared hosting is a storage place for your website, where you site will be hosted with many other site on a same server. And for this sharing option beginers gets a lot of advantage too.  The biggest advantage of this option is that you also share the cost of server with many people.

As result of sharing server and costing, the shared hosting is the most affordable and cheapest hosting available. You have a shared hosting plan for as cheap as $2/month with the average cost in the $5-$10/month range


But there are some disadvantages of this sharing is too. Sharing a single server with many websites is also the biggest downpoint of this.

Your site will not able to handle too much of traffic at a time.  If any of the site gets a heavy traffic load your website will also be affected and can run into problem like “bad neighbor effect”.


VPS Hosting


Dedicated Server Hosting


Select a Hosting Provider


Choose a Plan


Start Building your Website



I hope you have got an !dea to Choose Perfect Web Hosting for your website or blog. Still if you have doubt related to web hosting types, or getting any issue while choosing Different Web Hosting Plans let me know in the coment section. I will be waiting for your questions.