What is Google Adsense, How to make money with Adsense ?

Adsense is the best way to monetize your website with advertisements whether you sell stuffs online or write useful content to spread knowledge online. In short Google Adsense is the only and most trusted publishers network to work with.

How Google Adsense Works

For advertising online, Google own two big networks. First is Google Adwords (Now Google Ads) and Second is Google Adsense. Google Ads deals with the advertisers which collects ads from the advertisers. Now those ads are placed on wesbites by Google Adsense.

 When ads gets clicked by visitors then Google pays the Website owner. Google gets the money from advertiser by the program called Adwords (Now Google Ads) and a percentage of that revenue is distributed to website owner where ad has been placed.

Google sends the Web Crawler or some code or so called robots who parse the content of website, analyze it and understands the content to placed the relevant ads. This Ad robots place relevant ads most of the time keeping the high efficiency of relevant ads according to content.

When Google Adsense Started ?
Google started Content-Targeted Advertising program back in around March 2003. That time it was not so automated and website owner should have to negotiate with the Google directly to place the Advertisers Ads. And the website which has low traffic could not be allowed to participate.

Then Google thought that they can make more profits by including small website which don’t have much traffic and thus the adsense gets introduced where owner of small sites which have decent traffic can also participate according to certain Adsense terms and conditions and put ads.

How much money can be made using Google Adsense ?

Adsense Earning Depends on mainly these three things
1. Traffic on Website.
2. No. of visitors who click on ads
3. CPC (Cost per Click) on ads.

Google Adsense Revenue Report

You can earn according to your website/blog potential , it all about CPC. Some of the publishers are getting a average CPC of $4 to $5 , while some are generating more than $500 daily, some are making living out of it. You can earn any amount of money according to your potential. With the good website with original content and high traffic the earning potential increases.

Get Started with Adsense

Before you start earning with Google Adsense there some pre requirements which you must have so that your Google Adsense Account will easily get approved.

Before You Apply For Adsesnse Account

  • Buy a custom domain name.
  • Create a professional email address.
  • Add basic pages to your blog like About, Contact, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer
  • Ensure your blog design is clean
  • Write at least 10-15 high quality blog posts.
  • Never use copyright images.
  • Ensure your sidebar looks clean & professional.
  • Apply for AdSense & enjoy!

How to Apply for Adsense Account

Go to https://www.google.com/adsense/ and sign up for the Adsense program. Read their terms and conditions carefully. Read about their policies for getting approved. It depends upon the website for which you are applying. See the guidelines carefully that your website must comply with guidelines.

I hope you have enjoyed this post about Google Adsense, if you have any question or doubts related to Google Adsense Account or Google Adsense Approval then don’t forget to leave a comment below. I am always here to help you all.