Start a Free Blog in 6 Easy Steps, Complete Guide for Beginners

Having your own blog is always a great thing, you can easily share your ideas, opinions and creation with others. And even you can generate a decent amount of money with your blog.

Here we are going to introduce you with a platform called “Blogger”, where you can easily start your first blog.

What is Blogger

BlogSpot (Simply Blogger) is a blogging platform powered by Google. It offers you an opportunity to start a free blog,  all of your images and contents will be hosted by Google free of cost and in addition you will get a free .blogspot domain name.

Start a Blogspot Blog in 6 Easy Steps

Step 1: Visit Blogger

The first step toward creating a free blog with Blogger is to login to, befor you proceed you must have an active Google Account. If you don’t have you can easily Creat your Google Account by clicking the Create an account link at the bottom of the page.

Blogger Home Page

Step 2: Choose Your Profile

After successfully signing in with your Google Account Details, a form will pop up to Choose your profile. If you wish to share your blogspot to Google Plus then you should choose Google Plus Profile but if you simple want to move ahead then choose Limited Blogger Profile.

If you choose Limited Blogger Profile one more section will appear where you will be asked to enter your Name. Simply enter your name and go ahead.

Choose Blogger Profile

Step 3: Start a New Blog

After completing all the stuffs, homepage of will appear in front of your. This page shows you the complete lists of Blog you own. As for now click on “CREATE NEW BLOG” to creat your first free blog with blogger.

Start a Free Blog

Step 4: Enter Details about Blog

Now its time to enter details about your new blog, in the title section enter the Blog Name and in the address section enter the address of your blog as per your choice. Keep in mind that blogger platform is very widely used so make sure that your desired address is available.

As you can see there are only limited amount of themes are present, so as for now choose any of the themes you can change it later as per your taste.

After filling all the details go ahead by clicking Creat Blog,

As you can see in the below image, i have used “Example Blog” as the Blog name and “exampleblog75” as the blog address. As you are starting your blog for free with blogger a .blogspot subdomain is added to your address. You can easily remove this (.blogspot) and use your own .com, in or any other domain name.

Create Free Blog with Blogger

Step 5:

After successfully creating your blog you will be redirected to your blog dashboard. As in the below picture you will see a list of blogpost in main section as there is no any blogpost. In the left hand side you will see the information panel of your blog where you can change setting of blog, manage coments, see stats and can do more stuffs.

Now click on New Post or Creat a new post to start writing your first blogpost.

Blogger Dashboard

Step 6:  Write Your First Post

Creat New Blog Post

Cheers !!!

Finally you have setup your first blog with Now its time to write quality blog posts and grow your blog. You can also share your blogposts with your friends through social media to make them aware about your new free blog.