What is Blog, Blogging and Blogger ???

People heard about blog and making money with the blogging and first thing then comes into mind is what is this terms and how people make money online by just sitting at home and then they start searching about these terms.

This post tells you about these terms in very simple language and after reading this post I am sure you will never ask google about Blogging.

What is Blog, Blogging and Blogger

What is a Blog

Blog is a dynamic website or say the latest thing of web 2.0. Its nothing but your online journal or diary where you can update content regularly i.e. you can add new things regularly unlike static website where you need to be technical to add somethings as in static website you should know the technical coding knowledge to change the content or to add new content.

Now there are famous blog builder available today like blogspot and WordPress. where you don’t need to have technical knowledge at all. Just login and click on just add button , put title, put post and hurry your new content is going to be online just by pressing publish button further.

What is Blogging

If you are running a blog, uploading new things. And you say that this work you do always. You have your blog running and publish article regularly. Then you can say that you do blogging.
All this process of creating blog and posting articles is nothing but the blogging. In my next all post will be related to how to do blogging.

Blogger ?? A big Confusion

The one who is doing blogging is blogger. If you want to become a blogger then all my future post will be for you. The blogger profession got a very much boom in current era. The blogger can just sit anywhere in the globe and can make money through it.

There is one more thing that sounds same i.e Blogger. Blogger is also a google’s product where you can publish your articles on the go. Blogger is one the most basic way to start Blogging career.

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