Why beginners Fail in Blogging – 5 Common Mistakes

When we heard and read about blogger, we want to become like that, just writing our blog from our home, working only when we feel like and can from anywhere.

Newbie thinks that they will get freedom by working for ourselves only, no boss , no 9 to 5 job. But some of newbie quit blogging soon as they don’t get any earnings or don’t see much progress as they have expected.

Why beginners fail in blogging

There are some unacceptable reasons behind that, why I am saying unacceptable because if one can work hard and put their mind and soul in blogging , then anyone can achive success in whatever they do and this thing everyone knows (but only few apply and become successful).

There are some common reason due to which newbie fails.

1. No dedication and no commitment. 
Newbie starts blogging and at same time starts thinking to become like Amit Agrawal or jhon chow. They think only about fame and money from blog.

I don’t understand why don’t they think about the hard work done and commitment shown by top bloggers. Newbie don’t work much, don’t write much. Just start blog, put some article and think that they are not getting enough traffic or they failed to get approved by Ad networks like Google Adsense and thus quit and think that now days blogging is not easy or its now very saturated.

They don’t understand that every top blogger faced the same problem and while facing such problems, learned new things and applied, again researched and work hard to achive what they now have.
So decide to do blogging and keep in mind that whatever obstacle comes, you should face them, learn from that , get more and more knowledge and again get back to work. Then only you will get success in blogging.

2. Instant and easy money.
The very first thing to become a successful blogger, first focus of blog, articles and their quality, about traffic. First, love your blog and work towards the goal that everyone who going to read this blog , should love your blog.

Whenever in any work , who thinks money before thinking about work – FAILS !!

If you want to earn quick money, then design a product and just work towards to sell that, why you are doing blogging?, sitting hours to find good topic, then working late hours to write an beautiful article. Just leave blogging today if you want instant money or if you are thinking about making money from second day of starting your blog.

3. No reading habit
Blogging means creating a useful content, a problem solver content. Without creating content or just hiring a writer won’t make you successful. Its about passion about writing. How can you understand about writing if you don’t lover reading.

You must be a good reader, when you read something you love, then only you can understand the feeling of reader. And you have to fulfil the needs of reader. Once you become good reader then you can understand the reader’s mind and then you can create the content accordingly so reader will like your content.

So getting some little knowledge when someone starts blog and don’t read much, then he fails, he cannot create good content, he cannot understand reader’s mind and thus no visitors on blog , no one reads the blog and thus .. FAILURE !!

4. No enough knowledge about blogging.
everyone knows half knowledge is dangours, then why you start blog when you don’t have complete knowledge. This is the major reason behind the failure of newbie blogger.

What newbie do –
– Read about blogging , search about famous blogger.
– Create blog and think he can also write such things.
– Write some articles and then

This are the common thing done by blogger and every day there comes new blogger and fails because of lack of knowledge.
Frist gather all the knowledge require for blogging like – how to write good articles, how to generate traffic, how to create problem solver content, how to use social meda , what is seo, etc, etc.,
Get complete knowledge, and always be a student and must be eager to learn new things everyday. Learn from mistakes, improve them and go ahead.

5. No full-proof plan
Foolproof plan is very must to become a successful blogger. From very first day you must have the vision of your blog. Don’t just think and create vision in your mind. Put them on paper and create foolproof plan. This include the complete vision about following thing –
– Selecting proper niche.
– Why people will read your blog.
– Getting great knowledge about your niche.
– About SEO and search engine optimization.
– Planning to put ads or sell affiliate products.

Create a full-proof plan and commit yourself to put your blog in top in particular period by working hard.

So these are the common mistakes done by newbie blogger which led them to quit blogging. Commit yourself to become a successful blogger and work hard, learn new technologies, new things, be updated to your niche.

And the most important thing to become successful blogger is – NEVER QUIT .