Why Video Posts are Necessary in Blogging

Why Video Posts are Necessary for Every Blogger

These days video blogging is become a necessity to become successful in blogging. Video put more life to a blog post and thus in your blog. As you know images are also necessary to make a blog post more live and beautiful. It make reader feel attached as visual speaks more in less. One image speaks lot than one paragraph. Also reader just have to see the images instead of using his/her energy to read more.

Why Video Posts are Necessary

So video are fascinating thing for everyone. Visual get attracted than writings. So If some comes to your blog and see the video with catchy title, then the chances of seeing that post is much more than general text post. You think about yourself, when we see video, we just have to sit and watch and we grasp all things easily. So video posts are very much importance those days.

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So why to use video in your post?

1. You can express more.
By creating videos and explain something, you express more by telling reader directly by yourself. User feels connected to you by video than by your writing. In video reader can see your expressions and enthusiasm while you sharing something or teaching something.

You can explain each and every things comes into your mind about the topic you are telling. So in five minutes of video you can explain the things which are worth of 1000 words text article. Also reader will watch full without taking any efforts. For reading every one need time and effort and if he doesn’t like , he will leave from half. In video, the chances of watching full video is high.

2. You blog post stand out in crowd.
Video posts stand alone out in the crowd. You must use video after some count of text posts. If you search for some tutorial and find video about teaching , then what you prefer most , text of video ? So the answer is simple, you may need the text article to get read something, but you will first see the video so you can check directly by listening.

As human keeps in mind visual things longer. He learn fast by visual things.
So you must create some video tutorial by yourself and post it on your blog.

3. Attention by search results.

You may have seen while searching in Google that it shows videos first and then other links. So posting your videos in you tube with a good catchy title will make your videos comes fast in search results.

So definitely you will get more visitors to your blog. You must create a video channel and put all your videos there. You search results in different search engine will boost.

4. It makes you more creative.
Creating video and posting video posts makes you more creative. Trust me, when you create videos you will feel more good while creating and posting. You mind will allow to explore and express more things. You will feel that what a power a video have.

You will find many more topic that you haven’t written as you thought you cannot express well. But in video you will definitely think that such topic can be cover in video as you can express it in video directly.

5. Spread your blog like nothing.

Think about yourself while you social media, what you share or post more. Got the answer, its images and videos most of the time than any plain informative text. Though the text post in social media is very much important but pictures and videos get more attention. So people will share your video posts more than any of your text article.

If your video says all then who will like they will share it. So video ans picture used in your posts gets more shared by readers.

So Create videos and use in your blog posts. Create Youtube account, create channel , gives Youtube videos a catchy title and post. Ohh how you can create video ? Just buy a bit good web cam, sit in front of it and express yourself.
Also its easy to create video of yourself than writing a lengthy article.

If you need any help, you can express in comments or mail me anything you need. I will try my best to help you out with my knowledge. Also if you have something to tell about this article or any other views, you can express below.